Thank you for these words — and for your dedicated public service.

Like some 64 million others who voted for you, I’m beyond disappointed at the election’s outcome. Your #PopularVote margin of 2 million provides some vindication and certainly a repudiation of any notion that there is a mandate for regressive policies.

My wife, a #newUScitizen (of secular Muslim heritage), was proud to cast her first vote for you.

Our daughter and son were both in disbelief when they awoke November 9 to learn that you were not our President-elect, as they had hoped.

Take comfort in the path you have paved as the Democratic nominee, in a career of resilient service, and in the inspiration you continue to offer to a generation of girls and boys who can imagine a better future, pursued together.

Dad, husband, nonprofit professional, volunteer youth coach, eclectic reader and writer, #citizen…. @JosiahBrownCT

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